Dr. Trisha Becker specializes in providing quality physical therapy

Injury Care

Dr. Becker provides skilled physical therapy injury care to patients with challenging musculoskeletal injuries. In her clinical practice, she uses a comprehensive and individualized approach with each patient, including a total body assessment, focused interventions, and evidence-based exercises, to ensure effective treatment and superior outcomes.


Skilled Manual Therapy

Dr. Becker provides skilled manual therapy and bodywork to patients who no longer need physical therapy injury care but could benefit from continued treatment. She still incorporates the same comprehensive individualized approach used for injury care, but visits are typically less frequent on an as-needed basis.


Health and Wellness

Dr. Becker provides health and wellness care to patients who do not qualify for skilled physical therapy services but could benefit from supervised care for a chronic injury, illness, or condition that limits health and overall wellness. Treatment sessions are variable and dependent on individual needs.