In many clinics, when you participate in physical therapy, you will see a physical therapist for the initial evaluation, but your care is usually then transferred to a physical therapist assistant, athletic trainer and/or physical therapy technician.  You may still have the contact with the original therapist, but usually not for over 10 - 15 minutes and not every visit. This type of "high volume care" works very well for those patients with uncomplicated and straightforward injuries. However, if a patient has a more complicated, time consuming or challenging injury, then these patients can end up undertreated and left with residual symptoms.

In my clinic, I see all of my patients for the initial evaluation and all subsequent treatments. Each visit, I provide focused, intensive "need based care" that best addresses those patients with complicated, time consuming and challenging injuries. By providing low volume/high quality care, I schedule longer visit times (45 - 60 min), but much less frequently.  In a traditional clinic, you may have physical therapy visits two or three times per week.  I usually see my patients once per week or even once a month. This flexible schedule allows for fewer visits overall and actual savings in the long run.

Physical Therapy and Bodywork Fee Schedule (2016)

Physical Therapy Evaluation60 mins$150
Physical Therapy Visit45 - 60 mins$100
Skilled Manual Therapy and Bodywork 45 - 60 mins$100
PT Health and Wellness Assessment60 mins$150
PT Health and Wellness Visit45 - 60 mins$100
Skilled Therapy and Bodywork Session45 - 60 mins$100
Physical Therapy Exercise Check30 mins$50
Durable Medical EquipmentN/AAt Cost